Green Tea - Is Green Tea Good For You?

The studies are in - green tea is officially good for you. It has many health benefits, especially if you drink five or more cups a day. Green tea seems to provide excellent benefits for your heart and cardiovascular system, your brain, and for weight control.

Many other claims have been made for the health benefits of green tea too, specifically as a protector against cancer.

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Green Tea And Cancer - Is Green Tea Protective Against Cancer?

Green Tea - Is Green Tea Good For You?

It's tempting to believe that green tea can act as a protector against cancer, however the studies are mixed. While green tea does indeed have activity against cancer cells in the laboratory, much more research needs to be done. However, the antioxidants in green tea are very good for you, and are a good reason for switching to green tea from another beverage.

While researchers are still studying the benefits of green tea as a cancer preventative, they're much more certain of the effects of green tea on your weight.

Green Tea And Weight Control - Can You Lose Weight With Green Tea?

Being overweight is dangerous to your health. One of green tea's benefits is that it acts as an appetite suppressant, so if you're losing weight, green tea will make the process much more comfortable, because you won't be as hungry. You'll feel better while you're dieting because green tea contains catechins which increase the levels of the metabolism-boosting brain chemical norepinephrine.

Are There Any Dangers In Drinking Green Tea?

Green tea's been a popular beverage in Asia for thousands of years, and there are no dangers in drinking it. However, don't drink too much green tea in the late afternoon and evening, because the caffeine in green tea will keep you awake.

Green tea has many benefits, and if you're considering adding it to your diet, rest assured that green tea is very good for you.

Green Tea - Is Green Tea Good For You?

Green tea's many benefits to your health and well-being are amazing - drink a few cups a day, and not only will you lose weight, but you'll also enjoy protection from life-threatening illnesses. Discover more about green tea at Drink Green Tea Daily site at and the site's blog, at for green tea news and information. Get weight loss tips at 30 Day Slimmer at